My name is Ian Dickson. I grew up in Alaska and I feel like my photographic vision has evolved directly from my childhood surroundings. I have a love for all things lush and green. Mosses and ferns intrigue me. Overhanging tree-branches fascinate me. The world around us exists as one giant organism, but it can be viewed at different scales... pull back and you can see constituent parts that play a role in the organism... zoom in closer... keep going... really, really close... and there you will see much smaller parts that play similar roles at that scale. Cover provided by a forest canopy is echoed in the cover provided by the leafy understory. The world that exists in the shade of a fern is just as huge and wonderful as the world above.

I love my place in nature... a sentient observer whose role in life is simply to exist and appreciate those gifts we are given. Please enjoy my work presented here and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase a print.

TO PURCHASE A PRINT: I have a print on demand service HERE where you can order prints directly. Alternatively, feel free to email me for a quote on a custom, hand-signed print.

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